5 Ways Sculpt Spa Helps You Win Your 2022 Resolutions

A survey of 2000 adults found that two out of five Americans made resolutions for 2022.

In looking at the list of the top five New Year’s resolutions for 2022, health and wellness was front of mind for most people. Because of distancing regulations and stay-at-home practices through the pandemic, regular health and exercise routines were disrupted. It is time to get in shape, to look and feel good.

What if your resolutions fail?

It is not news that New Year’s resolutions often fail. Studies show that that tends to be true for over half the people who make them.

It does not have to be true for you, however.

The Secret Of Successful Resolutions

Part of the secret to success is to pick the right resolution. It must be one that you feel strongly about, not one that is what someone else is telling you to change. Your resolution needs to be specific, and you need to have a realistic plan with which to achieve it. Your resolution should be measurable whether by numbers or by photographic evidence (example: before and after pictures).

Your resolutions need to be achievable as well. Don’t set a goal that is unreasonable to achieve. That kind of goal both sets you up for failure, as well as setting you up for excuses. “Oh well, that was a huge goal, I couldn’t really have achieved it, so why try?”

Test your resolution’s relevance to you. Is your goal out of a negative place reflecting self-hate or remorse? It is something that is coming out of a momentary and fleeting passion? That set up won’t work very well. You need a process where you change the structure of your life and enroll people into your life who seek to reinforce your resolution.

Give yourself a timeframe. Since we are moving further into the year, this is a good moment to access where you are on your resolutions. If there has not been a lot of achievement so far, or you need a reminder that you even set the resolution, it is a good idea to build a new realistic timeline with which to accomplish it.

Set up small intermediate goals that give you small wins and gradual progress. If you believe you are not succeeding, the feeling to quit becomes strong. Small wins keep you focused.

Another point experts have found vital in accomplishing your resolutions: don’t do it alone. With Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, you never have to. We are there for you with support and services that can make many of your resolutions a reality.

2022’s Top Resolutions … And How You Make Them Come True

Here are the top five most popular resolutions for 2022, and how Sculpt Spa Las Vegas can make them happen for you.

Lose weight and fat
Sculpt Spa Las Vegas vitamin injections can help. Specifically, take advantage of the LEAN vitamin cocktail of B12, MIC and L-Carnitine. That combination helps convert your fat into energy and aids in your weight loss. Also, look into CoolSculpting. While it’s not actually “weight loss”, it is the most popular non-surgical method of losing fat. CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, leverages the susceptibility of fat cells to freezing. The cells become injured and are purged through a natural process in your body. The fat cells are gone for good. There is no risk of infection and there is no damage to nerve fibers, blood vessels, muscles, or skin in the treated area. Better yet, you have no downtime, as your body eliminates the fat out of your body over the next few weeks. Couple this process with an infrared sauna treatment at Sculpt Spa, which helps sweat out toxins, burn calories and increase metabolism, and you will feel motivated in accomplishing this resolution.

Eat healthier or change diet
A healthy diet often augments benefits provided by all off Sculpt Spa’s wellness and health offerings. Boost your diet with vitamin injections which include vitamins B12, essential amino acids, folic acid, B Complex, Magnesium and more. These vitamins boost your body in many ways making it vibrant and strong, and elevating the results of your new diet plan even further.

Also check out our various blog articles with diet suggestions and tips!

Exercise and make your body more fit
NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide injections give you a revitalization of an essential coenzyme required in all living cells. It increases your energy and metabolism you need for effective workouts. Our CoolTone treatments are a superb way to make workouts beyond effective. CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology that induces thousands of high intensity muscle contractions in a single session. These strengthen muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. The treatments can take less than 30 minutes, and you are well on your way of achieving your body fitness resolution.

Spend more time with family and friends
Come share an infrared sauna with your friends! It is relaxing and therapeutic, and a good way to unwind and bond. Sculpt Spa’s infrared sauna features chromotherapy, which inspires mood and stability and great to share with your loved ones.

Be more aware and take care of mental health
Many of the Sculpt Spa Las Vegas offerings enhance mental health. Our facial fillers featuring Restylane technologies and our anti-wrinkle injectables can help enhance self-worth and self-image.

Our NAD+ injections boost your mood, improve neurological function and decrease symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and depression. Couple this with the chromotherapy in Sculpt Spa Las Vegas infrared sauna which enhances health and mental harmony.

We’ll Help You Make Your Resolutions Real

Sculpt Spa is proud to offer services that support many of the resolutions that people make. From CoolSculpting that freezes fat cells and kills them non-surgically, to CoolTone that gives incredible muscle tone, to our offerings of B12 injections, facial fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments and more, we’ll help you make your resolutions a reality