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·        What is the Botox lip flip?

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One of our most popular offerings are Botox shots in Las Vegas.

8 People Behind Botox: A Fascinating History
Botox has a long and surprising history.

What is Botox?

Botox is an anti-wrinkle neuromodulator. It blocks nerve impulses that stimulate muscle contractions. These facial expressions and contractions create lines that have set in. Using Botox softens them significantly and even prevents lines from forming in the first place.

Our estheticians are Botox experts and know how to deploy it so that exactly the right areas of your face are targeted. Injections are strategically placed in specific muscles of the face and neck. This will create smoother, tighter looking skin. It will also lift the brows, slim the jaw, correct a gummy smile, and more.

The areas we treat include:

·        Frown and forehead lines

·        Crow’s feet

·        Smoker’s lines around the mouth

·        “Bunny lines” on the nose

The process is fast and easy and won’t disrupt your schedule. From start to finish, treatments take about 10-20 minutes.

Where Did Botox Come From?

The development of Botox has an interesting history.

The path it took to become America’s most popular facial rejuvenation injection took some pretty intriguing turns from starting as a food poison, being used for eye treatments, to being made popular by a reality TV franchise.  Here are some names that you might not know, but who were instrumental in bringing Botox into your world.  Here is your who’s who of Botox:

1.     Justinus Kerner
German Justinus Kerner was a poet, a physician and medical writer. Born in 1786, he was the first to describe botulism to the world. The book was called Das Fettgift oder die Fettsäure und ihre Wirkung auf den tierischen Organismus and it was published in 1822.

2.     Emile van Ermengem
Belgian Emile van Ermengem was a bacteriologist who isolated the bacterium that causes botulism. On Dec. 14, 1895, a group of brass band musicians sat down at a pub after playing for a local funeral. They were served a “healthy” portion of smoked and pickled ham. The portions were not so “healthy” after all, it turned out. They all got sick and a week later, three had died and ten were critically ill. What caused botulism was still a mystery. Van Ernebgem took the case and discovered the anaerobic rod-shaped bacterium that produces the botulinum toxin.

3.     Herman Sommer
Initial attempts to purify the causative agent from the bacterium were unsuccessful. In the 1920s, Dr. Sommer, although not able to purify it, was able to extract a sludge-like substance that was capable of inducing paralysis in lab animals.

4.     Edward J. Schantz
Schantz was a biochemist who studied deadly neotoxins. He was able to isolate botulinum neurotoxin Type A. Military officials during World War II were interested in it as a weapon and Schantz produced it so they could evaluate its potential. His research also helped them conclude that the botulinum would only hold limited battlefield applications. He became a supplier of the toxin in the 1960s for those testing it for scientific purposes.

5.     Alan B. Scott
Scott was an American ophthalmologist who specialized in eye muscles and their disorders. He researched and developed botulinum type A neurotoxin to treat strabismus, an eye misalignment. He loved the idea to take a “deadly poison” and to turn it into a miracle drug. He sought to treat strabismus with a simple injection rather than surgery with general anesthesia. That was a benefit that Botox would continue to bring in each of its innovations. In 1977 he interjected his first strabismus patients and reported his successes. He called the toxin Oculinum TM, meaning “eye aligner” at the time. He soon trained hundreds of ophthalmologists in its use.

6.     Jean and Alastair Carruthers
One of those ophthalmologists was Jean Carruthers who went to work with Alan Scott in 1982. In 1987, she was treating a patient for blepharospasm, and the patient pointed out the cosmetic, wrinkle-reducing effect the treatment was having on her. Carruthers immediately started testing on patients and soon had 19, all with positive results. She and her husband Alastair, who is a dermatologist, published their study and launched the cosmetic use for Botox into the world.

7.     Vicki Gunvalson
Gunvalson is one of the original reality stars of the franchise “Real Housewives of…”. While many of those stars have been public recipients of Botox and essentially modeled its use for America, Gunvalson was one of the first. The normalization of Botox through reality television has made it visible, accessible and alleviated concerns that Botox derived from botulism.

8.     Lo Bosworth
Also hailing from reality TV, Lo Bosworth was a cast member on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. In 2013, she started a beauty channel on You Tube and in 2016 founded Love Wellness. Where Gunvalson inadvertently made Botox visible and acceptable, Bosworth has pushed it as an influencer. One such example is her 2019 article “The Unedited Truth About Getting Botox (And Why I Did It)”.

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