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We’re the destination for Botox shots in Las Vegas. Our shots are in very high demand for clients wishing to tackle facial wrinkles quickly and easily. The demand for this miracle-like treatment is not just here in Nevada, but worldwide.


Over the past five years, the demand for Botox has risen by 45%.

Botox & 5 Surprising Ways It Helps Sports Injuries
Did you know Botox can help treat sports injuries and manage pain?

Where Does Botox Come From?

Botox comes from a botulism toxin. Some find the history of Botox a tad scary, as botulism causes food poisoning. However, it was discovered that in small, targeted doses, it has some amazing benefits. When our experts at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas administer it for you, it is an easy way to rejuvenate and look your best. Botox lessens the appearance of wrinkles.

We look forward to answering all the questions you might have around Botox, too.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox injections block chemical signals from your nerves. These signals cause muscles to contract. This enables Sculpt Spa to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. It is non-invasive and administered in a fast procedure. The results are immediate and last for months.

The popularity of Botox is deserved. It has proven over time to be both safe and effective for your facial aesthetic. It’s muscle relaxing properties give it uses beyond making you beautiful. Scientists are discovering that it can be applied to many sport injury scenarios.

5 Surprising Ways Botox Helps Treat Pain

Since many of our clients are athletic, we thought you might be interested in these five Botox and sports injury applications:

1.     Heel pain known as plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of plantar heel pain, a condition that is caused by changes and thickening on the foot’s fibrous plantar fascia. There are several treatment options available for this condition, but Botox is being studies as a way to improve function and reduce pain if those initial traditional treatments fail. Several studies report that Botox injections can be effective. The number of studies conducted is still limited, but from the ones completed, there is solid evidence suggesting reduced pain and improved function after Botox therapy, with no significant side effects.

2.     Muscle pain known as chronic exertional compartment syndrome
Chronic exertional compartment syndrome is another condition with which Botox may be able to assist. It is a condition that causes painful and potentially damaging increases in pressure in muscle compartments, usually after you exercise.   The limited research around this suggests has shown Botox to be an effective and safe treatment method. It has even reduced the need for surgery for some patients.

3.     Joint pain known as osteoarthritis
This is a common condition that causes both pain and reduced function in joints. Knee and shoulder pain are where this occurs the most. Many people have experienced reduced pain and disability after receiving Botox into the joint. This is particularly true for those experiencing osteoarthritis in the knee joint. Studies have reported reduced pain and disability scores after intra-articular (into the joint) injections of Botox. These improvements have lasted four to six months after Botox injections targeting knee osteoarthritis.

4.     Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow is another common musculoskeletal condition. Studies are showing that this condition may benefit from Botox treatment. Patients have reported less pain and more movement with Botox. However, in this application, with the muscle atrophy involved, there may be a temporary reduced grip strength side effect.

5.     Runners with chronic migraines
For runners with chronic migraines, Botox is an appealing treatment option. It brings the advantage that it doesn’t produce the side effects that will impair your ability to run. Other preventative migraine medications might cause swelling, weight loss, fatigue, fogginess, and other symptoms. These are not viable for runners as they make it a challenge to keep up a running routine. Botox helps with the migraines and keeps the runner on the track.

According to sports injury research, Botox can produce muscle weakness and inhibit the release of pain modulators on sensory neurons. While there is a time limit on the success of Botox treatments, they may be repeated as necessary for ongoing effects on the sports injury challenges.

These studies give reason to believe that Botox shots can improve function in several musculoskeletal conditions. Because the muscles are so large, very precise injections and a specific diagnostic protocol are deployed to target the area of the muscle where the problem occurs.

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As you luxuriate in our infrared sauna, or get facial rejuvenation effects from your Botox treatments, it is gratifying to know that the Botox technology has broad healing applications.

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