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So what happens when the beautiful you, and all the attention you are getting, parties just a little too hard? You can look great, but a nasty hangover can put a damper over everything.

Sculpt Spa has something to help!


We are pleased to offer our special hangover IV therapy in Las Vegas. This special cocktail helps quickly alleviate your hangover symptoms that might include nausea, headache, fatigue, and body aches – all thanks to those other special “cocktails” you had last night.

A man sitting in bed holding his head in his hand. The classic hangover posture.
Overdo it last night? Our hangover IV therapy treatment will help!

The Hangover: How Our IV Therapy Infusion Takes the Sting out of the Morning After

There are a variety of factors that create “hangovers” in your body.

Each person’s physiology is a bit different, and your individual rate of absorption of alcohol can vary from other people’s. Depending on what your individual symptoms are, there can be different effects taking place.  Your body’s ability to perform metabolic processes has been impaired. You may not be able to absorb glucose into your cells as you normally could or regulate the electrolytes in your body. The hypoglycemia can lead to headaches, mood swings, and shaking hands. The depletion of electrolytes can cause excessive thirst, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, and nausea.

Your body has a protein called cytokines that regulate your immune system. In some cases, it intentionally slows the immune system down, other times, it intentionally stimulates it. Alcohol causes this protein to become dysregulated. This causes you to experience headaches, muscle aches, chills and fatigue. Alcohol also stimulates digestive enzyme secretions from the stomach and small intestine, which can result in stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and acid reflux.

Alcohol also taxes your liver which can react and add to your hangover discomfort as it craves antioxidants.

Dehydration is a huge aspect of hangovers. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, increases urine production and diverts you from taking in water as you are consuming alcohol.

There are things you can do while drinking to minimize your risk of a hangover. Drink water as well as your alcoholic beverage. This won’t solve everything but will cut down your dehydration. Slow your pace on alcohol consumption. Hangovers are caused by the alcohol amount that exceeds your body’s ability to process it. To that end, eating food beforehand helps as well. The food does not absorb the alcohol as some people think, but it fills your digestive tract so that the alcohol absorption is slowed.

Hangover Cure: 6 Ways our Hangover IV Therapy Helps You Bounce Back

There are numerous old wives’ tales about hangover cures. They range from taking pain relievers the night before to drinking a bit more alcohol on the day you are experiencing your hangover. These actions are not effective, and worse, are dangerous and can damage your liver more.

Because the causes of hangovers are multi-faceted, something that helps needs to be as well. The Hangover IV treatment at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is a great option. It attacks the hangover on its multiple fronts and sooths your system in a variety of ways. Here are the reasons why it can help you:

  1. Hangover IV Therapy replenishes your vitamin B Complex deficiency
    This lack of B Complex due to drinking affects your mood and memory. The Hangover IV therapy Las Vegas puts these back into your system. Studies have shown that receiving B-1 and B-6 has proven results. B-vitamins are responsible for many metabolic processes of the body — the liver detox pathways rely on Bs to detox effectively. So, raising your levels of B vitamins will be helpful. They also help the effect of alcohol on your brain and allows that to heal faster.
  2. Hangover IV Therapy can help your nervous system heal from your hangover
    Your alcohol consumption causes a big depletion of vitamin B12 which damages your nervous system, by way of your synthesis of DNA. People who eat eggs as hangover cures are getting some B12 benefits. The Hangover IV treatment gives you much more, and in a more efficient way.
  3. Hangover IV Therapy can make your muscles feel better and elevate metabolism
    A mineral that is depleted when you drink is magnesium which leads to muscle cramps and twitching. Magnesium is an essential mineral for life. It plays a major role in the function of muscles, metabolism, and nervous system.
  4. Hangover IV Therapy will hydrate your system
    Dehydration is a big effect from drinking heavily. Your system will not function well without hydration replacement, and the fluids that the Hangover IV treatment uses is highly efficient in delivering the other vitamins and minerals you need.
  5. Hangover IV Therapy will treat your nausea
    Zofran, in your Hangover IV treatment, is the most common intravenous anti-nausea medication. While your treatment gives you many nutrients to rebuild your body’s damage, this element goes right to one of your key symptoms.
  6. Hangover IV Therapy reduces inflammation and pain
    Your Hangover IV treatment contains the powerful anti-inflammatory, Toradol. Alcohol inflames your system, and this is experienced in many of your hangover symptoms. Toradol works on your receptors and stops nausea, vomiting and gives you the ability to take in food and beverages again.

Learn More About How Vitamin IV Therapy Treatments and Injections at Sculpt Spa In Las Vegas Affect Your Wellness

We care! Don’t let hang overs get you down. While we are Las Vegas’ premier aesthetic services provider, SCULPT SPA also offers a variety of vitamin IV therapy and  VITAMIN AND SUPPLEMENT INJECTIONS serving hangovers and other needs. Get your IV herapytreatments and injections in a relaxing, no judgement, spa-like space, administered by trained professionals. The Vitamin IV Treatments menu includes the Myers Cocktail, and Vitality, Radiance, Immunity, Metabolism and Recovery IV therapy treatments. Injection options include our revitalizing booster, detox, and recover shots to our beautifying glow injection. 

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